I find ceramics provides me with a different type of creative outlet than I have with my career in graphic design. I enjoy working with my hands, finding satisfaction in the ability to determine boundaries and artistic direction, and having the freedom to change my mind mid-stream if I choose.


My interest in ceramics is no doubt influenced by my father, who spent many years as a potter. I have many fond childhood memories of trying to help him wedge clay, going to his studio, traveling with him to shows, etc. I began my own journey into ceramics in my mid-thirties, and what started as a casual hobby quickly became a bit of an obsession. Growing up in a home filled with ceramics seems to have made the path I’ve started down feel somewhat natural.


So why Thrown + Altered? It really stems from my process. Working in cone 10 stoneware and porcelain, I most often start with a wheel-thrown form, further breathing life into each piece to give it a unique personality by diving into alterations and surface treatments. This is done by experimenting with brushed slip textures, gestural markings and glazing techniques, resulting in both refined and unrefined / raw appearances. I also enjoy exploring different carving and hand building techniques, such as kurinuki, where a vessel is carved out of a solid block of clay.


I find I am most of impressed with, or influenced by, Japanese ceramics. I am intrigued with their aesthetic, history and traditions, and as a result, find myself drawn to exploring various shino and tenmoku glazes. The people who are interested in my work also impact and drive the desire to push myself. Thinking about the potential of someone living with and possibly using something I created as part of their daily life is both humbling and exciting.


Please enjoy the gallery and feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts.






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