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As a full time graphic design professional, I am energized by the alternative creative outlet that working with clay provides. I find great satisfaction in creating with my hands and the ability to determine boundaries and artistic direction. My desire to explore the ceramic arts is no doubt influenced by my father who was a practicing ceramic artist for many years. 


I began my own journey into ceramics in my mid-thirties, and what started as a casual learning experience quickly became much more as curiosity began to inform my relationship with clay. As my work continues to evolve, I find my approach frequently shifting from wheel-thrown and altered forms, to hand-building, or hand forming my pieces, often working from a solid block of clay. Focusing on form and surface, texture is an integral part of my thinking and process – cutting, stretching, marking and allowing the material to react and have its own voice.


The majority of my work is wood-fired, a process that is full of history, challenges and rewards, and is part of the process that I thoroughly enjoy. I often think of flames interacting with a surface as textures and markings are developed, giving each piece its own distinct personality. 


My goal is to create work that offers a unique experience, perhaps causing someone to take a few minutes to explore the smaller details.


Please enjoy the gallery and feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts.



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